Well hello and thanks for joining me (promise I’m not always this serious looking!)

So let’s get started with the backstory; I am a British……sorry let’s stop there; more specifically I am a Welsh interior designer and being a country bumpkin I got fed up of the small-town opportunities and decided I wanted more for my career. In January 2010 I moved to Dubai with my husband to embark on a new adventure and the next step in my design career. Nearly 10 years later and now with over 15 years industry experience under my belt, including managing an interior design studio for a well-established award-winning architecture firm; I am now embarking on my latest adventure, relocating back to the UK, starting my own business and excitedly looking for my first renovation project.

If you would like to learn more about my design career head over to my blog post below for the journey that got me to where I am today.

I have always had an interest in design and my passion for interiors started a young age, when I would save my money from my paper round to go to the local boutique décor store. I would eagerly pick out the latest in must have home accessories or go to the textile market to buy fabric.  I must have been the only 13 year old with handmade custom cushions and curtains!

In my professional life I most recently worked in the field of hospitality design and that meant that my professional hat stayed firmly on all day everyday. So in 2019 I started this blog so that I was able to hang up the hat for a few hours a day and have a creative outlet where I can be more casual and share my passion of interiors in my own voice and style.

I love to travel and will share my travel diaries with my tips and recommendations, along with everything that catches my eye along the way. My aim is to share a variety of content for all things interiors through the eyes of a curious designer .

So let’s get started; how hard can this blog malarkey be right ……………. (side note; 1 year in …. it turns out its pretty damn hard!)