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As an interior designer, I often find that lighting can be one of the most tricky parts of a project and can really make or break the end aesthetic. Designing my own home is no different, while designing the nursery for my new-born twins, I was searching for a lighting solution that was stylish, with easy installation,  battery operated, portable and dimmable. After hours trawling through many different websites, I began to think that I was asking too much out of a lighting product; that was until I came across Nunu lighting. 

Nunu Lighting offered products that ticked all the boxes for me and after browsing through their extensive product catalogue I came across the perfect solution, which had the added benefit of being a remote operation which was great! 

Battery Cordless Loft Remote Dimmable LED Wall Sconce 5.1″ White Barrel Shade

(Currently on sale Regular price $179.99 Sale price $125.99) 

I wanted the lighting fixtures positioned above each cot to be able to check on the babies in the evenings. The dimmable feature meant that I could do that without disturbing them too much, as the light can be adjusted to match the lighting needs. The remote gave the added benefit of being able to check on them from the doorway….. avoiding the creaky floorboards! 

The best feature for me is that the lighting is cordless, as I didn’t want the mess of hanging cables …… and I didn’t want to pay for an electrician. A battery operated fixture meant that I didn’t have to worry about sockets being nearby and could hang the lighting in exactly the positions that I wanted. 

Nunu lighting were kind enough to gift me the lighting to provide a review and I was not disappointed. The lighting was absolutely perfect for the nursery setting and the quality was great, the features are so practical and the selection available is modern with so many stylish options to choose from*

If you would like to try the products for yourselves than use my code NUNU x Curious for 10% off your purchase. 

Keep an eye on my social media pages, where I will feature and capture the product in my own home.

*all views expressed in this piece are my own and are not in any way influenced by the manufacturer. 


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