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This week Freddie from DecorBluePrint has shared a great piece on Interior inspiration. Decor Blueprint uses its wealth of marketing knowledge to help designers grow thier business or blog – Freddie is here to help you, to find out more click the link below.

Your home is your sanctuary. 

It’s where we should feel safe, comfortable and at our happiest and how we design and style our interior plays a large part in how we feel in it. 

New decoration and renovation projects should be carefully considered to reflect your lifestyle and personality along with your favoured interior tastes, but where to get ideas in the first place?

Working out what styles and looks will work for your home can be a bit of a minefield. It can be hard to determine what to choose for your interior without copious amounts of visual inspiration. 

There’s so much interior inspiration out there, you just need to know where to look whether you are looking for the perfect sleep haven bedroom or the perfect entertaining space for your guests. 

The following places are my go-to’s for interior inspiration – some might be the obvious ones we all know, whilst others are more niche. But you’re certain to be filled with inspiring ideas in no time.

  1. Pinterest
  2. Instagram
  3. Nature
  4. Travel
  5. Other people’s homes
  6. Show Homes
  7. Interior magazines


Pinterest is the home of all areas of inspiration. Looking for that perfect outfit inspo? Want to achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of? Or looking to take up gardening? Pinterest is the place to help you do pretty much anything. So it makes sense that it’s the top place to visit for interior inspiration too. 

Set up boards for every room or for every style you’re interested in and using the search bar, get scrolling through countless interior images. Pin your favourites and before long you’ll have a great idea on the interior looks that appeal to you the most which will help you shape your next redesign.


Another great source of interior inspiration that is quickly gaining on Pinterest is Instagram. Start following interior designers, bloggers and brands you admire and check out the hashtags they use or search for your own. 

Zone in on the terms that speak to you and your style and follow them. This way your feed will be filled with fresh new inspiration every day to get the creative juices flowing.


The best colour schemes for the home are found in nature. From seasonal foliage to animal prints and plumage, the world around us is filled with inspiration, all you need to do is take it in. 

Next time you’re out for a walk in a country park or visit botanical gardens, take some time to stop and see the colours around you to inspire the shades for your next decorating project.


Like nature, one of the best natural sources of inspiration is on your travels. From short city breaks, to far flung adventures, inspiration is everywhere when you’re visiting new places. 

Each destination has its own unique feel which can translate beautifully to your own home and this is also a fantastic way to add some personality to your interior. 

From the local cafes and restaurants, to the hotels and sights, adding elements from your favourite destinations will keep those memories alive and make your home unique.

Show Homes

Who doesn’t love a nosey around a new show home? And when you’re thinking of redecorating there’s no better excuse. 

Normally on the luxury side which is ideal if that’s the feel you’re going for, show homes are the pristine version of the homes we want to achieve but real life often gets in the way. 

A great place to find chic colour schemes, the latest trends and innovative designs elements, just make sure you adapt these perfect looks so they can also work in lived-in interiors.

Other People’s Homes

One of the best ways of working out if a certain look or style will work in your home is seeing it in other people’s. If you have a friend or family member who’s interior style you love, take inspiration from how they designed their home to get a glimpse of how it will work in yours. 

If you tell them how much you admire their style and that you’d like to do something similar in yours, they might give you some invaluable advice.

If you tell them how much you admire their style and that you’d like to do something similar in yours, they might give you some invaluable advice.

Interior Magazines

This is another obvious one but interior magazines are there for a reason – to inspire. They source the best interiors from around the world along with top tips from the experts, so make sure you use them when looking for interior inspiration. They’re also the perfect excuse to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee whilst you browse for your next interior update.


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