interior design

This has been a long process in the making and unfortunately I decided to press ahead with the makeover after we had decided to leave this apartment! However we still have 3 months notice here, so I decided to go ahead anyway……. but with a catch!

Minimal spend and no wall decoration, I love a challenge and this allowed me to get crafty with my glue and staple gun! The budget was set at £50 which allowed me to buy some bits from a local craft store and some new decorative cushions; for everything else I would have to get creative!

So heres where it all started, and I think you will agree its pretty depressing isn’t it, I don’t know how I put up with it for so long! I guess it was a good job that my eyes were closed the majority of my time in there!

So how did I use my budget to the fullest? Well, I used old pieces of fabric cut offs and wallpaper samples and began to give the existing items a new look. Luckily for you, I filmed it all in action 🙂 so here is my creative hour!…dont worry it is actually only 7 minutes!

Have to admit it was so much fun! I felt like my teenage self again being all crafty; but with much less glitter! Upcycling items that had really seen better days and that closely avoided being trashed! So heres the final look!

I definitely have the bug now so onto the next space………my balcony, Stay tuned!


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