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Find out how you can start upgrading your light decoration!

Today I am featuring Guest Blogger Kevin Nelson of Home Maker Guide. 

Sometimes, even the slightest upgrade can change a room. Light decoration is definitely among the most effective when you want a change of scenery.

Light decoration can be a great way of upgrading the scenery in your bedroom or any other room in the house. We went ahead and compiled some of the prettiest lights decoration ideas that impressed us. All it takes is some level of creativity and the best solder for electronics you can get, and you are good to go. We hope this article will spark your imagination and help you improve your DIY skills at the same time.

Pixie Dust Light Decoration

Get some white led string lights, 1-4 yards of glitter tulle, scissors, and some clear rubbers bands. You want to start with cutting the tulle into roughly 8”x 8″ squares and cut one square per light.

Then tie and knot the tulle around each light and adjust the tulle so that it surrounds each light, fastening it with string or a clear rubber band.

Spray Painted Christmas Lights

Blue Green and Red Light

You can find led lights for home decoration even using Christmas lights if you have a creative mind. All you need to do is just paint the cord of the lights, but avoid painting the bulbs. For that, you will have to unscrew the bulbs, take the cord outside and place it on a cloth, on the ground, so that you can spray paint them in silver or gold paint. Or just go wild for the outdoor lights decoration and choose whatever colors you want.

Lava Lamp 2.0

The best thing is that you can use these even as bedroom decoration lights, so here is what you have to do. Get a string of lights and use them to fill a tall glass vase, maybe similar to a bottle-shaped vase. It is an excellent light decoration idea to light up the room in the night, and it looks best in front of a mirror.

Make Your Bedroom Sparkle

Wall lights decoration is gorgeous when placed in a cozy bedroom, especially if you put them accurately on the wall behind the bed. Get some frosted panels and a string of soft white lights. It’s very romantic yet modern, and you can use a 9×9 white grid to provide a solid base for this piece 

Tiny Bulbs under Glass

When you think about lights decoration that involves glass cloches and fiberglass lights you just have to imagine how magical it looks, no matter where you display them. You can have a different character for each dome, depending on the lights are sprayed inside. Arrange them in groups and create perfect home decoration lights for your bedroom.

Stars in the Nursery

If you are looking for some fancy lights for home decoration, then you most definitely have to arrange them on your bedroom’s ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly, the ceiling.

If you happen to have a foam ceiling, you can install the lights decoration. They only peek through the foam board and create a soft illumination system for your children’s room.

 Metallic Lights

Green String Lights

All you need is a metal curtain rod, a garland, and some string lights decoration systems that will make for a great wall display. Hang them at different heights to create a bouncing light that will cover the entire room in a glow. 

Upgrade Your Mirror

Just prop a huge mirror up against your bedroom wall and decorate its sides with lights decoration strings of your choice. We recommend warm lights, just to create some sort of fairytale fantasy land in your bedroom.

 Panel Screen Room Divider

Take a separating screen panel, and replace the material with branches and lights decoration. All you have to keep is the wooden frame. The string lights should intertwine with all the branches and create some sort of multi-purpose space divider.

 Bring the Forest Indoors

Get a couple of lights decoration strings with warm yellow lights, and glue them on your bedroom wall in the shape of a giant tree. Everyone loves the shape of a tree, and it brings calm and serenity to your home. 

 Geometry Patterns

Create a unique headboard for your bedroom by using only a couple of lights decoration string lines and combine them with symmetric geometric lines. It is a satisfying decoration for those that love geometry.

 Put Those Shells You Used To Collect To Use

Because we tend to associate beaches with vacations and good memories, why not bring these feelings and good moods into your bedroom? Just attach a shell on each little LED and get yourself a free trip down memory lane.


It takes only a couple of material items and some level of imagination to improve the aspect of your home. All you have to do is be brave enough to go for it. What other DIY project did you use to bring some more coziness and warmth to your house? What ideas did you like the most when you read our article?

Author’s Bio:

Kevin is the chief content creator in a small office, and he is also a well-respected yoga teacher at his local gym for almost two years now. He loves to meet new people through his classes and tries to spend as much quality time with his family as possible.

*All content is written by the author and not the words of TCD. Some images added are sourced online, please get in touch in the event of any copyright issues.


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