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I recently received an email with the subject line of #FOEW and I was instantly intrigued and wanted to find out more. I was then introduced to Yellow Pop and understood that #FOEW was Fear of Empty Walls and was the reason why Yellow pop was created. I loved this concept, as that is exactly how I feel, I see empty walls as a lost opportunity to express yourself, and what better way to express yourself than with a LED neon sign from Yellow Pop!

The founders Ruben and Jeremy created Yellow pop as they wanted to find a simple way to fill an empty room with joy and warmth.

“Our inspiration came from where people are happiest – outside, soaking up the sunshine. So we found a way to replicate the glow and energy that comes from a day spent in the sun (minus the vitamin D), and that’s when yellowpop was born.”

Neons have a way of bringing immediate joy, they make people smile and I find them strangely nostalgic.

Only last night I was watching a program on UK channel 4 called Escape to the chateau which follows the journey of Angela and Dick Strawbridge who are deep into the renovation of a chateau in France, and they traveled from France to London just to get a customized neon sign. What a shame that they didn’t know about Yellow pop who offer custom signs with free shipping worldwide.

I am a clumsy mere, always breaking things, so the fact that it is unbreakable and super easy to install is amazing. I am sure that even my husband who has all the DIY skills of a toddler could even install it!

I have been looking to get a neon sign for such a long time but always found them to be pretty pricey, this is so affordable and the online custom builder is so easy to use and gives you an instant quote. The part I loved most was that I was able to see how it would look in my own home with a photo upload, check out my ‘Be Curious’ sign!

So, if like me you have a #FOEW or just want to add a little fun into your interior then head on over to Yellow pop and select a neon sign from their range or better yet, express your own creativity and start designing your own custom sign in any shape or size that they will be handcrafted for you with love in every detail.

I have something very special for all my lovely readers, a unique promo code that you can use to get a $15 discount. Simply use the code CURIOUS15

*Please note that this is a paid advertisement however all content and thoughts are my own.


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  1. Great work! Before reading this blog I was wondering regarding my room wall issue, but now i can fix it with these tips. Particularly I liked the idea of neon lights.

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