Christmas has officially hit my household, so warm up that mulled wine, get baking those mince pies and stick a log on the fire!…because “baby it’s cold outside!”…. ok, so that’s not quite true, it’s actually 30 degrees!

But I’ll be in my Winter woolies soon enough and I can’t wait!

The tree is up and fully decorated in champagne gold, pink and purple. I have some pieces that I have collected from my travels and I am going to try and keep that up. (It’s so hard when they don’t match your colour scheme! oh the trials of being a designer!)

This year we have a new addition in the Liverpool FC bauble; I know I must be mad, but I do try to be supportive of my husbands love for them, after all he puts up with my incessant ranting about Instagram algorithms! You may notice that I did try to put it at the back of the tree and the hooded rogue moved it to front and centre!….it didn’t stay there long!!



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