I can’t quite believe that its October already; Just where did the Summer go?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I had a fabulous action packed Summer, unfortunately the coconut scent of sun lotion has faded and Autumn has arrived. So technically I don’t truly get to experience the changing seasons, Dubai simply goes from Hot; yes lets hit the beach to feeling like you will spontaneously com-bust like a vampire in daylight. My Summer vacation seems like a distant memory, travelling Australia for 4 weeks is certainly something that I will never forget. We hit the road and took in as much as we could in the time we had starting in Adelaide and finishing in Cairns. I don’t want to give too much away on the trip as I am currently busy writing my travel blog to share all the details; the route, the highlights, the best food (and there was a lot of it!….I am a foodie!) and my reviews of the places we stayed and recommendations of things to do.

A week after unpacking the suitcase, I relived my teenage years and went to see the Westlife Twenty Tour at the new Coca Cola arena, which is a much needed new indoor arena; no more sweating buckets! The arena also adds to the regions diverse architecture, designed by global architecture firm Populous, an LED strip light system covers the facade, creating a dramatic effect as the building becomes illuminated with changing colours during the night, animating the surrounding area . It was an amazing night of nostalgia (and maybe a little too much cider!) that took me back to seeing them in Liverpool when I was about 23 (only this time I didn’t have the banner, confessing my undying love for them…..much to my husbands delight!

The following week I was back at the Coca Cola Arena to attend the 10 hour Tony Robbins event. I know of Tony Robbins and have seen his Netflix special, but I was very skeptical about going and my intrigue got the better of me. I just didn’t want to spend my day hugging strangers and listening to “never give up” quotes that are normally found on posters with a breaching whale!

It was certainly an interesting event and bugger me, what would you know, within 5 minutes I was hugging strangers! To add a little more perspective I went alone, it was on a work day and so I took a break from the day job to attend, so to say that I was pushed out of my comfort zone is an understatement! I guess though, that is the point of these type of events, to just embrace the moments and run with it; but I ended up embracing more than just moments!. It was a super high energy event with music blasting every 10 minutes, lots of fist pumping and whoop whopping going on; good job because it was going to take more than the copious amounts of coffee to get me through the 10 hours!

I also never miss the opportunity to see Alicia Keys when she is in town because her live shows are just incredible. This was no exception and it was a great way to add an entertainment aspect to the long day. It was her first appearance as a motivational speaker, and if you have ever seen her perform live before you will know that there is an element of motivational speaking in her shows. This was a more enhanced version of that, as she effortlessly tinkled away on her piano she was explaining the meaning being the songs and the things she was going through at the time of writing it and it gave a great insight and perspective.

You couldn’t help but leave the event feeling a buzz and an air of positivism, thinking to yourself that tomorrow was going to be a different day; a better day, a confident day….look at me go! The next day I did actually make a big change and addressed something that had been bothering me for quite a while……and you know what; it felt great!

The weather in Dubai is finally starting to cool down and after all the snorkeling and scuba diving on the great barrier reef last month, my husband and I needed to get our fix of marine life. So we headed to a local Emirate called Fujairah to go snorkeling around an island called Snoopy island, and I cannot believe that we have lived here for 10 years and this was only 2 hours away and we have never been before!….shame on me! We decided to make a little staycation out of it and stayed at the Meridian Al Aqah Hotel as it had easy access to the island. I was amazed at what we saw; beautiful corals and an abundance of marine life; the highlight being a giant turtle swimming along with us, which is certainly an experience that I will not forget anytime soon. Needless to say we are planning to head back there again soon!

In other life news I am busy planning the re-decoration of my bedroom, stay tuned on Instagram to see how it is going, I am currently trying to tear myself away from a $500 feature wall that I have fallen in love with, I just can’t justify that spend on one wall!….I mean, it is gorgeous but I am renting!

I have my flights booked to head home for the holidays and with the UK Apprentice starting very soon that puts me on my Christmas count down! While I am home, I have a photoshoot booked for my holiday home, so I am also trying to plan the styling for that to make sure that everything is delivered ready for my arrival. When I go home it is always manic, I tend to need a vacation after the vacation, but with it being over Christmas and New Year that adds an extra layer on mental on top!

I also have some other very exciting news, but more on that coming soon!……I will leave you in suspense!

Hope you had a great summer!


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