interior design

Often referred to as the heart of the house; or in my case where all social gatherings seem to congregate! A kitchen should feel lived in and a place where families come together, I mean where is the fun in entertaining in a kitchen when everything is hidden away and it looks more like a science lab than a home. People often fear that the kitchen will look too cluttered, but it is time for those special pieces to be seen. Remember that nice china tea set you got 15 years ago as a wedding gift, well its time to dust it off and stop using it just “for best” which ultimatly is Christmas day and let it have its moment to shine.

Even if your not a master chef and the most you can muster up is beans on toast (and you cant even do that without burning the toast!) doesnt mean that your kitchen cant look the part, you know what they say……. fake it until you make it.

Its time to stop thinking about a kitchen as a purely practical space; yes of course we need to consider the functionality but that doesn’t mean that the space can’t have a little soul!

So here are some fabulous ideas for display shelving to get your culinary juices flowing!


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