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Often left neglected as the smallest space in our homes; but just because a bathroom is hidden behind closed doors and has to be functional doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t make a statement and look fabulous!

The latest bathroom trends for 2019 are here and by gosh they are going to make you want to spend more time in there…people will start talking!

Lots of people avoid trends, which I understand as they can be so transitional; I mean remember when this little beauty was considered the latest trend; now only reserved for barbie and kens dream house!

So what are the trends for 2019 and how can you be sure that you wont want to demolish your bathroom within a year and start over. There are many so I have picked my top 5.

1. Tile statement walls – This image is very bold and not everyone’s cup of tea, but its my full teapot! I love it, don’t you think it just exudes confidence. Adventurous I know, so I would suggest maybe looking at one small zone or wall for your feature tile as shown below this can work well in your shower area, back wall of your tub, at your vanity or the build up wall of your WC.

2. Black finishes and fixtures – if you are worried about the longevity of a trend then this is your answer; black is timeless. When paired with warm wood tones this monochrome look is elegant and sophisticated. Why not try white tiles with a contrasting dark grey or black grout the contrast of the black on white creates a modern sleek look that will stand the test of time.

3. Decorative lighting – For too long bathrooms have been plagued with boring spot lights, but thankfully no longer! A bathroom should feel tranquil and lighting is essential to that, picture this….. a tub full of glistening bubbles, maybe a glass of bubbles on the side, the sweet smell of vanilla from your scented candle, as you relax and rest your head back, feeling the bubbles pop on your neck, you take a deep breath and all the days stresses melt away….you open your eyes and yep there they are those boring horrible spotlights!

4. Statement wallpaper – Wallpaper is a great way to add some personality into a bathroom, and gives you the option to create so many different looks effortlessly. We see wallpaper in powder rooms as there is still a fear about using wallpaper in a wet area with many thinking that it is a maintenance nightmare and surely it will just peel off the walls. However it surprises people to know that even standard wallpaper can be used in a bathroom, so long as you have an extract fan to remove the moisture then the paper shouldn’t come away. It would also help to leave the window slightly ajar when showering and select walls that are further away from the “splash zone”! However there are wallpapers available designed specifically for bathrooms and high humidity areas so you can wallpaper away and rest easy!

5. Art Deco – YES I am a huge Art Deco fan and I am so happy that this is back! Art Deco influenced the design of many things around us such as buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion and even everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners, now this classic style is making an come back in our bathrooms. We are seeing more and more variations of this look, wherein simple aspects of the Art Deco style are applied to a modern look; a modern vanity and fixtures with Art Deco inspired tiles and there are so many beautiful tile designs out there now that this look can be achieved effortlessly.


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