interior design

The entrance hallway; a homes first impression on its guest and so your first opportunity to show your personality and style. I would describe my design ethos as functional and stylish. I like design to have a purpose but at the same time reflect personal style, and most importantly to have fun along the way. I believe that a space should tell a story; your story, well in this case my story!

I would describe my style as modern eclectic, I enjoy mixing styles and playing with colour and texture.

I have a small one bedroom apartment and so every inch of space counts and my entrance hallway was long overdue a makeover. I already had an ikea shoe cabinet and so I picked out some new blue ceramic handles from Maison Du Monde to give it a little upgrade. I picked out some new accessories from Jysk and added a chair so that I can have a place to rest my feet and kick off my shoes after a long day at work.

About 5 years ago I painted this canvas and have just been waiting for the right place to hang it and so I thought it was about time it had its chance to be seen and if I do say so myself I think it looks great in this setting!

My hallway is now fresh and inviting and really welcomes you into my home; even if it is a tiny little apartment…every bit of the space counts!… onto the bedroom!


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