interior design

This is a project I completed about 5 years back and still to this day was one of my nicest clients. She came to me with a blank canvas and a shell of a retail unit and trusted me explicitly to do the right thing and guide her to achieve her dream spa.

The concept was Parisian elegance with a soft pastel palette and floral inspirations.

It was a design and build project that took a year from concept to completion and operational opening. The design was mostly bespoke with custom pieces of furniture that were designed from pencil to paper through to working with the joinery factory to get the final finished product.

The polish colour wheel is still something that I am extremely proud of, this went from a rough concept idea to working through the details to come to the end result which is the “wow” factor of the nail spa.

After all the hard work was done I was invited to have a pamper day and I overheard the 2 ladies next to me admiring the space and how lovely it was; I just sat with a smile on my face…..mission accomplished!…oh and the pampering was pretty damn good too!


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